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"A waterfront with plenty of open spaces and panoramic views"


Waterfront Watch loves Wellington and especially our marvellous waterfront.

We are committed to preserving this resource for the people of Wellington and whilst we will support appropriate development that enhances public spaces and usage, we will question any excessive development that seeks to privatise and restrict public access, remove views and viewshafts, downgrades our heritage or introduces excess shading or wind issues.

Enjoy our web-site, and please come and join us

New Waterfront Calendar for 2015

Grab a peek at our new Calendar for next year.
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Presidents Report, June AGM 2014

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Latest NEWSLETTER May-June 2014

Read our latest newsletter.
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Reminder for Kumoto Submission February 2014

Deadline 28th February 2014.
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Latest NEWSLETTER February 2014

Read our first newsletter for 2014.
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NEWSLETTER September 2013

Read more about our challenges with Council and Environment Court.
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Grab a peek at our new Calendar for 2014.
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Latest NEWS items for June 2013

Presidents report from our 2013 AGM.
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...and further remits from the meeting.
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NEWS for 2013, didn't we do well?

Late news of last years AGM.
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...and our May/June Newsletter for 2013.
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LATE NEWS, Coming out of  2012

Two items for news on Kumutoto.
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LATEST NEWS, October  2012

Oral Submission

A "minor" success at last weeks Council S & P meeting.

Read about it in this Document.
Also check out the latest news on Kumutoto.

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...and read about the latest newsletter on the Kumutoto Consultation.

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LATEST NEWS, September  2012

We’ve produced our first calendar – for 2013

Waterfront Watch has produced its first calendar, with wonderful waterfront views.  We are confident that it will be a best-seller – ideal for Christmas gifts for friends at home and overseas.

Read about it in the latest Newsletter.


Had a very successful AGM on Sunday (approx 68 members present and 27 apologies) and the following remits were carried unanimously.

1.   Moved Peter Graham Seconded Victor Davie
THAT Waterfront Watch affirms that all development proposals be publicly notified and provision made for public submissions.

2.    Moved David Lee  Seconded Peter Henderson
THAT this meeting supports the management of Wellington Waterfront Ltd to be moved back to Wellington City Council urgently.

3.   Moved Victor Davie  Seconded Brian Speechley
THAT this Annual General Meeting supports Martin Jenkin's principles for a Maritime and Nautical Theme Park.

Read more in the latest Presidents Report 2012.

LATEST NEWS, May  2012

We won!  ...our appeal in the Environment Court.

We record our thanks for the many generous donations and support
we received, for our
 successful fight against the city council’s Variation 11.

Read about it in the latest Newsletter.

 LATEST NEWS, March  2012

Feedback Form:

Wellington Waterfront Ltd is now seeking public feedback on the design of proposed buildings and public space development. Click this link to get to the feedback form. You have only 3 days to get your feedback in!

LATEST NEWS, February  2012

Dear Members

Since the mail out of our latest Newsletter we are concerned that an advanced design of a 6-storey building on Site 10, Kumutoto, is now open to public consultation / feedback before going to Council for sign off in late March.     However, as you are aware we will be in Courtroom 6 of the High Court, in Molesworth Street opposite Parliament buildings, from 12 March appealing Variation 11, which would end public participation in the planning process for any future buildings on the waterfront. Time: 10am Monday 12th.


We would therefore encourage you to write or email the Chief Executive, Mr Poole, the Mayor and Councilors to express your concern at the premature release of plans for Site 10 before the outcome of the Appeal. – You can email all the Councilors through one address:

The following points could be made.

  • Reject the proposed design for Site 10
  • Urge that Variation 11 is withdrawn as it is undemocratic to deny public participation
  • The waterfront should not be treated as an extension of the CBD
  • Six storeys is too high, and the footprint of the proposed building too large

Pauline Swann

President, Waterfront Watch

Catch up on our latest newsletter and our Environment Court Appeal, mark your calendar for 12th March. Click here for the Feb. 2012 newsletter.

For numerous reasons, we have appealed against Variation 11, but to do so successfully we need your help urgently - please see our July 2010 Appeal Newsletter

"A resounding "no" to the council's plans to change the rules on the waterfront", that's the headline from an article on Scoop about the now notorious Variation 11, here's the first paragraph:
"The Wellington City Council is facing a substantial rebuff from public submissions about its wish to change the rules controlling new buildings on the waterfront. It has received 49 submissions. But only one supports the changes: from the council’s own waterfront company." - read the entire article by clicking Scoop.

Variation 11 Hearing Speech) commisioners have backed the Variation - read all about it here.

For the good of all Wellington, we are appealing against this decision, you can read about it on our newsletter, email us to learn how you can help.

For more detailed information on Variation 11 go to.

Report 1 part 1 Waterfront District Plan Change

Report 1 part 2 Waterfront District Plan Change

Report 1 part 3 Waterfront District Plan Change

Report 1 part 4 Waterfront District Plan Change

Read newspaper articles about Variation 11 under Communications,

Read our submission about Variation 11.